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Cardboard Shoe Tying

This cardboard shoe tying craft is such a fun way for kids to learn how to tie their shoes! You can get the printable template to make the shoes as a bonus for pre-ordering our new book.

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Cardboard Shoe Tying Practice

My book – Cut & Color Crafts for Kids: 35 Super Cool Activities That Bring Recycled Materials to Life is bursting with easy crafts and activities like this one. You get all of the templates in the back of the book. You just need to cut, color and create with everyday objects that you have at home!

You can get this shoe template as a BONUS for pre-ordering my new book! Simply send a screenshot of your pre-order to bookbonus {at} thebestideasforkids.com or contact me HERE.

Cut & Color Crafts for Kids Book

I love that kids can customize these shoes however they’d like! They can choose whichever colors they want to make the shoes and even add glitter, buttons or pom poms for extra embellishments. You can also create your own design by using the outline as your shape and drawing your own shoe.

Printable Shoe Tying Template

Supplies To Make a DIY Cardboard Shoe Tying Set

  • Coloring Supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils)
  • Shoelaces (approximately 30 inches long)
  • Hole punch – you can also use heavy duty scissors, an X-acto knife or screwdriver to make the holes (adults only)
  • Thin cardboard – from a cereal or snack box
  • Glue stick
  • Shoe template – You can get this shoe template as a BONUS for pre-ordering my new book! See directions below on how to get the template!
DIY Cardboard Tying Shoes Practice

Watch the Video Tutorial Here

Printable Cardboard Shoe Tying

Directions to Make the Shoes

1. Print off the shoe template. If you would like to get the template, pre-order my new book and send me a message either through our contact page HERE or on Instagram with a screenshot of your pre-order. You can also email me at bookbonus {at} thebestideasforkids.com

Shoe Tying Template

2. Color the shoe template. Kids can color or add designs to the shoes and make them unique too!

Color Shoe Template

3. On a thin piece of cardboard, trace around the shoe shape and then cut it out. You can also glue the shoe template to the cardboard and cut it out.

Cut out Cardboard Shoes

4. Glue the shoe template to the cardboard.

Glue Shoe Template to Cardboard

5. Hole punch the shoe lace holes. You may need to use a heavy-duty hole punch or an adult can help create a hole by
making an X mark inside each hole spot with an X-acto knife or using a screwdriver.

Hole Punch for Shoe Laces

6. Thread shoe laces through the holes.

Add Shoe Laces to Shoes

Your shoes are complete and ready for kids to start practicing their shoe tying skills!

DIY Shoe Tying Activity

For more fun recycled crafts, see both of my recycled crafts for kids books.

Cut & Color Crafts for Kids Book Cover

35 cut-out templates included for kids to color and create with!

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  • Build your own puzzle
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  • Egg carton scavenger hunt
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