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Spring Treats

Spring is just around the corner and we have the perfect activity to do with your kids to welcome the new season. We partnered with FOX’s MasterChef Junior to make these kid-friendly snacks that are perfect for spring! We’ll show you how to make these 3 easy spring treats – Flower Pudding Cup, Dirt & Worms and Butterfly Snack Bags. Kids will love helping to make these and enjoy eating them too!

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Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Butterfly Snack Bags

Make these adorable butterfly snack bags and fill them with your favorite treats! Add them to school lunches to brighten your child’s day with a cute butterfly snack surprise.

Butterfly Snack Bags

Here’s what you’ll need to make the butterfly snack bags: 

– Sandwich bags
– Clothespins
– Paint (pink & purple)
– Small googly eyes
– Pipe cleaners
– Small pom poms
– Sharpie
– Jelly beans or other treats to go inside the bags (Fish crackers, grapes, fruit, etc)

Butterfly Treat Bags

How to make the butterfly bags:

Make the clothespin butterfly by first painting the clothespins purple and pink. Add two small googly eyes to the top. Draw a smile on with a sharpie. Fold over a pipe cleaner to make the antennae and then glue on two small pom poms to the tips. Glue the antennae to the back of the top of the pipe cleaner.

Place the jelly beans or another snack inside the sandwich bag and then seal them. Fold the top part of the bag backwards and clip the clothespin in the middle to make the butterfly bags.

Flower Pudding Cups

Kids will love making flowers and planting them in their own pudding gardens. Make these for a spring afternoon snack or for a spring get together.

Spring Flower Pudding Cup

Here’s what you’ll need to make the flower pudding cups:

– Easter M&M’s
– Spearmint leaves
– Pretzel sticks
– Large marshmallows
– Flakes coconut shreds
– Green food coloring
– Chocolate instant pudding
– Oreo cookies
– Clear plastic cups

Spring Flower Cup Treat

How to make the flower pudding cups:

To make the flower: Cut a large marshmallow in half. Stick a pretzel stick in it. Attach a full marshmallow on the bottom half of the stick. On the sticky side add the M&M’s. They should naturally stick on but you may need to press them on firmly.

Make the instant pudding according to package directions. Add pudding to the cup and then add in the flower with marshmallows. Add pudding around it so that it will stand up.

Crush the Oreo cookies (not the filling) in a resealable bag by using a rolling pin. Add some crushed Oreo cookie to the top. Get some shredded coconut flakes and mix it with green food coloring to make them green. Add these as the final topping. Then add the spearmint leaves beside the flower.

Tip: If you are having trouble getting your flower to stand up, add some extra crushed Oreo behind the pretzel stick. We also had our flowers leaning against the back of the cup to provide a little more support.

Dirt & Worms Cup

Get dirty in the kitchen making these dirt & worms treats with your kids! You won’t have to worry about dirt on little fingers because this dirt & worms cup is made with pudding and Oreo cookies!

Dirt and Worms Cup

Here’s what you’ll need to make the dirt & worms cups:

-Clear plastic cups
-Gummy worms
-Oreo cookies
-Chocolate instant pudding
-Template – get your template we used for the sign in the cup here.
-Brown cardstock

Worms and Dirt Cup

How to make the dirt & worms cup:

Make the instant pudding according to package directions. Add the pudding into the cup, making a layer of cookie crumbs in the middle and then more pudding on top. Finally, add some extra cookie crumbs on top. Then add in your gummy worms.

To make the cookie crumbs just place the Oreo cookies (no filling) in a sandwich bag and break apart with a rolling pin.
Print the template (linked above) on cardstock and tape to a toothpick. Then place it in the cup.

Spring Treat Ideas for Kids

These 3 treats for spring couldn’t be easier to make! Which one is your favorite? We love that these are so easy to make with your kids. These will surely inspire creativity in the kitchen with your kids this spring!

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of MasterChef Junior, Tuesday, March 12th at 8/7c on FOX. Want to learn how to cook from the MasterChef Junior champions? Well now you can! Click here for more information.


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