Dinu Thiruvanathapuram Car Detailing

Dinu Sagar

Dinu Sagar is a Product and UI design Consultant of an international automotive brand and is an auto enthusiast who love to drive. He takes care of his cars with great love & affection.

Dinu Thiruvanathapuram Car Detailing

Our Car Care Products

Dinu came to us during his product hunt for a better solution for his car care and he used to have hours-long discussion on the products and it’s usage. Later he became a huge fan of our brand helped us in testing our new products before launching in the market.

His reviews & feedback helped us a lot in maturing our product portfolio and our keeping our standard of the product portfolio.

Dinu Sagar’s Feedback

My association with GreenZ Car Care team goes a long way back, from 2015. Being a passionate DIY car care enthusiast I was in hunt for high-quality professional auto detailing products required to detail my car. The car detailing supplies listed with GreenZ are of the best possible quality and at a reasonable price. Their no nonsense approach when I contacted them initially with my various product inquiries really made a solid and long standing impression on me. Even now I regularly get in touch with them to keep myself updated on the latest trends, developments and improvements in the world of auto detailing.

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