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Kailas Menon

Kailas Menon is a musician who works predominantly in Malayalam films. After working as a composer for television commercials for more than a decade, his first mainstream Malayalam movie ” Theevandi “ for which he earned his first Filmfare Award for the song “Jeevamshamayi “, rendered by Shreya Goshal and K. S. Harisankar.

Kailas Menon composed many hit songs and secured his position as a great musician in the hearts of many music lovers. He recently composed for a Telugu movie as well.

Kailas is a good friend of us, an ardent autocrat and a well-wisher of GreenZ Car Care too.

Kailas Menon
Kailas Menon

GreenZ Car Detailing Service

GreenZ car care car detailing team has detailed couple of his car including his Audi A4 which is special to him. The car was heavily used has lots of scratches, repainting issues and ageing signs were also seen.

Our team throughly cleaned wheels & tyres using our wheel cleaners and special brushes from WorkStuff & GYEON Iron to clean it from iron contaminants & break dusts. Wheels & lower part of the body is treated with GYEON Tar to remove all tar spots. Other surface contaminants were removed using GYEON clay.

Cleaned & decontaminated car interior using our special interior cleaners. Cleaned & restored leather seats using special leather cleaners which are gentle on leather surface.

Used GreenZ Polishing System, which is designed by our experts and manufactured in Germany to restore the paint surface and remove all scratches. The car was completely free from it’s ageing and looked fresh.

With GreenZ Infinity Coat Gold, the car paint was protected and wheels were given GYEON Q² RIM protection and tyres received GYEON Q² TIRE care. Leather seats were protected with GYEON Q² Leather Shield and dashboard with GYEON Q²M Preserve protection from harmful UV rays. All the external plastics were protected using GYEON Q² TRIM. Windshield was protected using GYEON Q² VIEW for better drivability in rain and night.

Kailas came to our Kottayam center (Q6 Premium Car Care) and taken the delivery of the car. He was surprised to see the restoration and the level of details our team did in the restoration and was very happy as a customer.

Kailas Menon’s Feedback

My car had lots of problems such as scratches, repainting issues, dullness etc, I was surprised to see the transformation of my car to a brand new one after the detailing by the GreenZ Car Care team. GreenZ Car Care offers excellent service & premium auto detail supplies for car enthusiast like me, all the best team.

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